Epoxy flooring has become the no.1 choice for businesses and commercial spaces such as offices, restaurants, waiting rooms, hospitals, doctor offices, salons, and more. Epoxy which acts as a sealant for concrete is used to create a safe and environmental-friendly area for workers and customers. This type of flooring is a combination of resin and hardener which results in a durable, high-gloss, and aesthetic plastic material. One of the most common questions people ask is How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy Garage Floor as epoxy is a popular choice for garage floors as well due to its durability, low maintenance and resistance to chemicals and stains. The cost of epoxy garage floor will depend on the size of the garage, the condition of the concrete, and the type of epoxy used. It is recommended to get a quote from a professional contractor for an accurate cost.


Rigid, strong, and impact-resistant coating

Commercial epoxy flooring can withstand floor damage, spills, and other harsh chemicals that can potentially destroy your floor’s appearance. It can also cover cracks, stains, and scratches for a better and more professional look to your space. Epoxy floors are built to last and can even lengthen the lifespan of concrete to 5+ years! Overall, epoxy flooring is 100x better than its other water-based counterparts.


Epoxy floors need no long-term care to maintain cleanliness. Once coated with epoxy, concrete floors are sealed and are no longer porous. This makes them easier to clean—no need to repolish or rewax the floor after it is installed. This saves you a lot of time so you can focus on more important aspects of your business.

Fast installation

Epoxy floors can be quickly installed which means you don’t have to waste a lot of time and resources while shutting down your business for renovation.

Includes decorative concrete and surface enhancements

Epoxy floors come in a variety of decorative chips and custom colors (multi-hued or solid colors). You can use epoxy floors to create a bolder design statement in your business space or customize it to blend with your business facility. Epoxy floors can make your business area unique while staying cost-effective.


The best non-slip floor solution, commercial epoxy floors are known for its good grip making them ideal for use in pools, staircases, patios, or parking garages. They can also be made so that they are comfortable to walk on with bare feet, perfect for swimming areas and wet surfaces. High-quality commercial epoxy floors can also prevent the spread of fire and survive extreme impact. This is important when maintaining the safety of your employee and business facility.


From production to application, it’s no doubt that epoxy floors are better for the environment than other kinds of flooring. Epoxy floors conserve energy thanks to their ability to retain heat or air conditioning. This is ideal for office spaces or hotels. They are also chemically resistant meaning they are safe from exposure to dangerous chemicals. This is great for warehouses and other commercial spaces that deal with chemicals in their day to day businesses.

Combine Aesthetics with Function

Use commercial epoxy flooring to transform your busy spaces into beautiful picture-perfect areas. Epoxy floorings can enhance natural light and keep your space bright thanks to its reflective finish.

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