Garage Epoxy Floors

In most homes, the garage floor is often neglected, chipped, and filled with tire marks left by the car. Utmost, the garage floor is a boring block of cement that only gets noticed when you & reworking on projects or driving out in the morning.

With our tough and durable garage floor epoxy coating, you can rejuvenate your floor & look and cover up slight imperfections like cracks and rubber marks. Your garage floor can go from a boring block of cement to a well finished, mesmerizing, professional-looking floor.

Used for residential and commercial applications, our epoxy solutions bring a new and likable appeal to your garage floor without blowing your budget out of the water.

What is Garage Floor Epoxy?

There’s a common misconception that epoxy is simply a coating like paint. It is true that some paints have minimal amounts of epoxy added to make them more durable.

However, our epoxy coating is far superior to paint. It is a thermosetting resin that we apply as a coating to the garage floor. Another difference between our epoxy solutions and paint is that unlike paint, epoxy doesn’t dry. It cures. The curing process results in a thicker coat with strong bonds that are hard to break, especially if the floor is prepared correctly. You can also learn about How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last

Why Your Garage Floor Needs a Coat of Epoxy

One of the main reasons many home-owners are going for garage floor epoxy is how beautiful it looks. In addition to the great looks, the hardened and thick application of epoxy is durable and highly resilient to chipping, chemical stains, surface abrasion, and impacts. This means the new coat keeps its shiny and flaw-free looks for an extended period.

Years of neglect and use can leave your garage floor in desperate need of repairs. If you don’t have any major damages and you’re only struggling with small cracks and chipping, with an epoxy coating, you can cover up the imperfections and improve the look of your floor at once without any additional budget.

Our topical coating is moisture and dust resistant, which means it’s practically maintenance-free. All you need to do is feast your eyes on its beauty every time you walk into the garage. It’s perfect if you live in a snowy climate, and you regularly have to clean ice brines and road salts because it makes the cleaning process quite easy.

We understand that some home-owners have an eye for detail, which is why offer customized epoxy coats with colored acrylic flakes to give your garage floor that extra flare. We can also add a slip-resistant aggregate to the final layer to create a non-skid surface if you have concerns about the floor being slippery.

How Garage Floor Epoxy is Applied

For the epoxy application to be successful, proper floor preparation is vital. We might have to grind or shot blast the floor. In some instances, we also use acid etching to profile the concrete before applying the epoxy.

To ensure the epoxy adheres properly, we also have to repair any cracks or damage to the concrete to ensure we have the perfect foundation for the resin to grasp on.

For that quality and professional finish, we often rely on applying multiple coats, to ensure a tough, resistant, and durable coat. One of the coats we apply is a primer that binds to the concrete and provides adhesion for the subsequent layers.
After the primer, we apply a base coat, which gives the floor its new color. Finally, we add a clear topcoat to give the floor that shiny and irresistible finish.

What are you waiting for, give your garage floor the much-needed attention it has been missing for many years. Give us a call today and our experts will add a touch of class and finesse to your garage floor.

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