Industrial Epoxy Floors

Industrial floors face massive abuse and wear and tear. Abrasion, oil spills and chemicals are just a few of the challenges an excellent industrial floor should be able to keep up with. In addition to handling the challenges of an industrial setting, the ideal floor should foster safety in the workplace and be easy to clean. This is what our industrial epoxy floor coatings offer.

No matter the type of manufacturing your facility handles, our hardworking epoxy floors coatings
will ensure you keep a safe and durable floor at all times.

Quality and Convenient Manufacturing Epoxy Floors

Our industrial epoxy floors are designed to handle the demands of manufacturing facilities effectively and with ease. The floor bonds seamlessly to your existing floor, creating a durable and high-performance surface resistant to sudden impact, accidents and spills that are common in an industrial setting, and lasting for years.

The smooth and seamless floor surface will protect your floor and reduce damage by reducing wear and tear of the transport machinery thus lowering your maintenance budget.

Safety and Value in Industrial Epoxy Flooring

We offer a variety of epoxy floor coatings and systems for manufacturing facilities with different performance properties tailored to the facility & needs and requirements. Some of the safety features an epoxy floor offers include:

Using our various color combinations, we can also help in marking designated areas in the facility like walkways, loading bays, and forklift paths to enhance safety.

Epoxy floors are not limited to safety. They also add monetary value to your facility. The coating saves you cleaning time, allowing you to safely operate for longer hours and reduces maintenance costs for both the floor and your machinery.

With an epoxy floor, you can ramp up your profits by saving on maintenance and operation costs.

Custom Epoxy Flooring Solution

Not all industrial facilities are built the same or have the same requirements. That is why we tailor our epoxy floor solutions to the facility in question to maximize on the benefits and value of the floor.

Our custom floor solutions vary from the thickness, color, and operating temperature requirements, ensuring you get the best floor with the best performance for your facility.

Get in touch with our team of experts to find out more about our custom epoxy coating solutions and identify what works for your facility.

Industries Requiring Epoxy Flooring

Our epoxy floor solutions extend to facilities in various industrial manufacturing areas, including ESD, warehouse and distribution, heavy and light-duty manufacturing plants, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, hangars, and aerospace.

We customize the system to each project & specific requirements, ensuring you get the most out of your new floor finishing.

Industrial Epoxy Floor Installation

Epoxy is a unique, practical floor solution with limitless opportunities for your facility. With our epoxy solutions, you can add color, aesthetic appeal, safety, and even reduce maintenance costs at your facility. Give us a call today to find out more about epoxy floor solutions and what works for you.

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