Epoxy Flooring Stamford

Welcome to A to Z Epoxy Flooring. We are one of the most trusted epoxy flooring operations in Stamford, CT. We’re here to help with all kinds of epoxy floor preparation and installation services including garage, basement, countertops, concrete, and marble flooring. One of the most common questions we get asked is How Much Does It Cost To Epoxy Garage Floor? and we have a team of experts on hand who can provide you with a detailed cost estimate.

No project is beyond our capabilities! Our experts can provide timely and high-quality epoxy flooring solutions across the city area. Get in touch with us and we’ll respond in less than 24 hours! 

The Best Stamford Epoxy Floors

Providing you with numerous possibilities to elevate the look of your home, A to Z Epoxy has helped thousands of customers with their epoxy flooring needs. Give your space a polished look with the following services we provide:

Stamford Garage Flooring

Epoxy is a popular choice for those looking to renovate their garage floors. Our garage flooring solutions can transform the look of your space. Unlike other flooring options, epoxy coatings are much easier to clean. With the help of epoxy floor coatings, you can now clean your car in your garage without having to worry about oil stains and grease.

Stamford Basement Flooring

Keep a well-maintained and tidy basement by upgrading your concrete floors with epoxy coating. Our basement flooring solutions can prevent moisture and molding in your basements. Depending on foot traffic, epoxy coated basement floorings can last for 2 to 3 years!

Stamford Epoxy Countertops

Epoxy counters are durable and long-lasting. They are non-porous which means they are resistant to moisture and heat. Their reflective look can make any cheap materials like wood and laminate look expensive. Epoxy coating can make any countertop look stylish and special— perfect for modern minimalist or industrial designed homes.

Concrete Epoxy

For a polished concrete look that’s tough and robust in appearance, go for concrete epoxy. This alternative flooring option requires less maintenance and cleaning, making it suitable for industrial and commercial space. Concrete epoxy is also versatile and easily customizable. If you want a home that oozes industrial sophistication, try epoxy flooring now.

Marble Epoxy

We’re more than just epoxy experts. We can work with any material such as marble. Here at A to Z Epoxy Flooring we’re all about transforming dull and boring areas to cozy and welcoming spaces. We can transform your marble floors into breathtaking high gloss epoxy coated surfaces perfect for living and dining areas.

How Much Do Our Epoxy Flooring Cost?

Prices start around $3 – $7 per square foot or a total average of around $1,320 – $3,080. If you’re looking for the fastest, the most affordable, or the most experienced epoxy floor installers— A to Z Epoxy flooring is here to help! You can also find information about How Long Do Epoxy Floors Last?

Epoxy Flooring Coating Options

Our epoxy tiles are available in a variety of texture, colors, and finishes. We also know several professional coating techniques to help you have flooring with a perfect finish. Not sure what style to get? Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the design that best suits your home! 

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Get epoxy coating for every corner of your home! Enquire now to find the right epoxy flooring solutions for you. For questions about our epoxy flooring services, call us at 203-717-4861. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

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